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It turns out that in the early 20th century, they didn’t. This has nothing to do with their job titles, but it is something about them that is not so obvious until you find out their background and what they did for a living. The real reason they don’t have jobs is because they didn’t have them, and they don’t have them now. They aren’t the kind of people who have to have a job to get a life.

The women I talked to had many reasons why, but one of the earliest was because their parents could not afford one—for the most part, they worked in the fields in a sweatshop—so women didn’t have any jobs. When women do have jobs, some of the jobs are as a nurse, some as a teacher. They do not have anything else to do, and the work does not provide the life you think it will, except that you see women all the time, on shows like The Sopranos, reading novels to their children, taking them to swimming lessons, and cleaning toilets. Some are working as housekeepers, other as nannies. They are all involved in family life, and I think this plays to the same kind of life they want.

What is it about the women you asked about that makes you like them or not?

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They have this sense of pride in their work. They look at it almost as their duty.

One of my favorite things they told me is that they think if women could get their heads together and get on with things, people would all be rich, and the government wouldn’t have to make billions every year.

This is the great irony of poverty. It’s one of the most difficult questions to answer—but it’s a question that women’s lives almost always answer in different ways. One reason women never have the chance to work is also very powerful.

I interviewed the two women who had the most money.

There was the woman who wanted to be a model. She was a model for her friend’s daughter. Now this child was 12 by her own account. She was a pretty girl, beautiful and smart. This is what her life was like, and her friend looked at her, and in a very friendly way said, “If she weren’t so pretty, she’d get a lot of attention.” She was so flattered and happy. She said she’d consider coming to America.

But how do you understand those women, to what degree

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