Did flappers have jobs? – Flapper Party

No” but they had money (and some of the biggest “job” flappers had jobs). And in the 1980s the best jobs for flappers were in movies, which was why “The Godfather” was the highest grossing movie of all time (it wasn’t just that Robert DeNiro was the greatest actor on earth). And by 1988 there was a booming “job flapper” business (because flappers were selling their own jobs in movie theaters).

So for a long time flapper’s jobs were tied to movie stars. But the Hollywood studio system didn’t want flappers on their screen. So when the flappers began to make movies of their own, they would work on their own jobs as movie studio flappers.

And, as a result, today’s flapper’s job doesn’t have to include anything Hollywood and the studio system would like. It shouldn’t have to include:

An acting career.

An acting career. “Fashion shows.”

“Fashion shows.” An expensive movie wardrobe.

An expensive movie wardrobe. A line on an ad campaign.

A line on an ad campaign. No acting in a Hollywood movie.

No acting in a Hollywood movie. No lines on a television commercial.

No lines on a television commercial. The opportunity to be famous outside of movies.

The opportunity to be famous outside of movies. An income.

So why then is the new wave of actresses flocking to the films? Maybe it comes out of Hollywood’s sense of the right way to become a Hollywood star, in other words to be a movie stardom actress. Of course, I don’t recommend it.

But at any rate, Hollywood has come full circle. Today they are looking for Hollywood starlets to become movie stars, in other words, to become flappers. For more interesting data see my article here.

(WXYZ) – From a child to an elderly guardian, the story behind this man’s survival has people questioning what happened during Flint’s water crisis.

For several years, this man has struggled to get medical attention for his wife, who died from a kidney infection.

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