Did flappers wear tights? – 1920’2 Dresses

Yes, but only if they had the guts to wear them, and if they would dare, they often were not allowed. In the seventies a group of people dressed up as flappers in their tights to protest against the Vietnam War, and then wore them to cover their breasts while flapping their arms. It didn’t go over well, partly because flappers have a history of protesting and dressing up as sexy animals for the most bizarre or outrageous of reasons, and partly because there was no way to make the clothes any tighter. It also didn’t help that many of them were wearing flannel skirts and long johns. Today the concept of flapper is so strong that it has spread with all the speed of a hurricane, into almost every corner of American society.

How about the word? There is a big difference between “flapper” and a woman wearing pants. It doesn’t matter how low you’ve lowered yourself when wearing pants, so long as you’re still making yourself look like a good girl. To someone outside the profession it would seem to be as easy as taking off two buttons, but that’s because people don’t know the basics. Most people think in terms of how long and low they can look in skirts, and that doesn’t mean the same thing to me in skirts, unless it’s a little straighter. A woman wearing a tights-style skirt would be a very plain sight on a runway. A pair of loose-fitting pants might be more than sufficient to show off some of the curves in a woman’s body. The best thing to do is to wear skirts and pants that fit with the rest of your look, and this is even more important in pants because pants are generally meant to be cut long and loose in the waist (like flappers). It’s usually not a good idea to wear clothes with high heels that don’t look right when worn down to your stomach (if that’s possible) because it looks like you’re going to take them high up with the high heels. (Don’t tell me I don’t know the rules.)

If you’d like a more in-depth article on skirts or pants, check out my collection on how to dress for a runway. Don’t be shy and e-mail me if you don’t think you can pull off your favorite style!

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