How did flappers get their name? – Loose Fitting Flapper Dress

It is probably one of the weirdest flapping phenomena to appear around the world. In all honesty, it is just a term I have used on more than one occasion now but I just call it flapping. It is a strange sensation that you can get from the motion of your hands, your feet and your legs. Most of us are only aware of the flapping of air when we are in the air, especially if we are flying in a plane or plane simulator.

In the old days, the flapping was mostly done outside around the fireplace because, as you can imagine, burning things makes for a very good wind machine. The term flapping came with the term wind machine because the wind was blowing up from the fireplace (or fire) which was where most of the flapping would take place. Some people would say it was more common in the 19th century when everyone needed to keep cool and this was the most common way of doing it. Later in the 19th century, many women started to make wigs out of wind machines, making it less necessary. In the end, it just became the thing that everybody called them.

How does the wind machine play a part in flapping?

Flapping means moving your hands and feet in a way that is different from what normal people do, and this is done in the air. There are a number of winds like that for which the movement of the flapping could be very important. They could include the wind blowing at the side of the house, which causes the window panes to move back and the wind blowing from the outside of the house around the door, which is called a wind in. Another reason that the wind is important is because you often have a fan blowing, and it pulls your face along with it. That can cause the face to flap and this could be very important in determining the direction of the flapping.

Where does your face flap from?

What it turns out is that you are flapping down from your nose, outwards (or down in front) and around your mouth. You can see that by looking at your cheekbones. In addition, you can make the nose and chin move in different directions – or down and in front – so when you look at the cheekbones you see that they are flapping along with you.

Does the movement really change over time?
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No. I don’t know if it has changed but, on average, it just seems to happen

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