How did flappers get their name? – Vintage Flapper Dresses

“Flappers get their name from the fact that they always made a left turn to follow a line at the end of each song, like the song ‘You Won’t Ever Give Me That Look’ (the song, not the face), or ‘Funny Girl’ (the face). Also, flapping is called flappers because flapping and popping is what they do. That’s the whole thing, and I got my name so I could continue to flop and flop some more,” said J.Roe. “But I used to say it like, ‘flappin’, ‘flappin’, ‘flappin”.” So they could say, ‘I’m just kidding, because Flapper J-Boy is a girl!”

What was your favorite flapper’s song?

“I loved a lot of them, but [I] loved [the] ones that were the hardest [to put on the record] because it’s like a different record,” said J.Roe. “Like, I love a little less J. Geils and the stuff like that.”

What is your favorite flapper’s band?

“The one I do like the most is [Eli] Roth with the Beach Slang, ‘Tenderness.’ I love those guys,” J.Roe laughed.

How would you define yourself as a “flapper”?

“I’m an aspiring model-type person,” said J.Roe. “I love to wear my clothes, and I want to fit in,” he said. “And I really like to flaunt my curves. But I don’t want to just have a little skirt and everything, like I want to be sexy, and I want to feel comfortable.”

What kind of guy is J.Roe looking for in a girl?

“I’m looking for someone who is easygoing,” said J.Roe. “Someone who likes to be out with friends, and somebody who wants to dance with me. So I just like someone that is willing to say you’re her friend and to dance with me!”

J.Roe thinks a guy who is outgoing, funny and is willing to party is what flappers need. And he sees those attributes in himself, and in the women he dates.

“I’m also pretty outgoing and I like to party, I like to dance and I really want someone who I can go out to some music with,”

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