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It was fashionable in the early to mid-eighties. It was an attempt to bring back the look of the ’60s. The best flappers I know were in their teens or early twenties. They were not as beautiful as their teenage counterparts, but they brought a very distinct look to the ’80s. That was just one of the reasons that the girls were so popular. It’s not unusual that they were known as ‘Maids and Gentlemen’ for their looks. They were also known as ‘Gentlemen, Girls, and Girls’. It was all in good fun, and it gave the impression that they were very chic.

What made an 18 year old girl flapper?
1920s Vintage Great Gatsby Charleston 20s Flapper Fancy ...

She had to do some pretty drastic things that I don’t remember them for. I believe it was all about getting a job. They would try to get a job, but they would go home crying because they were too broke to pay. Then they would be accepted in bars, and there would be a dance competition in the middle so everybody could try and beat each other’s time in a contest. And once they had a drink, they would leave the dance hall.

I also remember the famous song from that period, ‘Dance, Dance, Dance”. The lyrics said “You’re a little drunk, I love you”, that sort of thing.

When did you do the song?

That’s the first song that comes to my head. It was at a party on my birthday party. It took place at a bar called the St. Andrews, a pub in London. If you’re drinking to excess, you go there. I’ve never met the guy myself, but I have known people who worked there. You can see where the party was happening with all that music. I was the young one there, but I was also young and in love with a girl that was dancing beside me.

Did the song make you dance?

No, I don’t think it made me dance. That song kind of just gave me an idea of what you might look like if you were drunk or high or whatever.

Did the song ‘Tightening Up’ be included in your hit?

There was a song called Tightening Up. It was actually an older title for a song that I was working on at the time; it was called Tightening Up Too. It was called Tightening Up Too because a lot of the lyrics were a bit dark

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