How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – Flapper Dresses With Sleeves

The flapper changed the role of the feminine. If you look back historically, as you say she worked very closely with others and you’re talking about the period from 1820 until the 1900’s this was a very important role that the flapper fulfilled. There’s really no question about it.
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What was your understanding about women’s role in the flapper?

I was a flapper myself. I was an actress. I never really saw the role as being one of a woman, a female role. I saw it as a role. I saw it as part of the flapper and it was part of what she did. This is not something any man is going to tell you. If my mother was here and I was an eight month old baby and the flapper and her mother were having a little fun at the side of the road, all you were saying was “Hey mom, look what the flapper is doing”. If that’s what you were hearing you were saying that it was ok. I’m a happy little baby though.

You did play a flapper. Does that make you a feminist?

Why would it make me a feminist? The flappers I did play and this is just the same. They have a very masculine presence. I don’t know what it’s about the femininity. They were feminine in that they were in a position of power and they had a sense of identity. I find it difficult to imagine them as a mother. The whole world they lived in was so feminine. I don’t find the flapper any more masculine than the housewife.

Is that why we have so many flappers today?

The flapper is the archetypal woman. She’s the model for a woman to aspire to be. She has a feminine name, she has a feminine voice. This idea that it was acceptable to have a housewife as the head of household was totally different.

You mentioned the housewife…

What are the housewives and their sense of identity? When were you born? I think they had it in the 1880’s. I think the housewife still has a place in this society if you like.

I also think the flapper’s voice is very powerful, the way women talk nowadays…

In the same way, the word flapper is a catch all term. The idea is she is, I mean she’s anything but a flapper.

Is it not because of the fashion and

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