How do you do finger waves in short hair? – Flapper Dress With Sleeves Uk

Does she have any special tips or techniques for them?

I started doing “piano” finger waves in October 2009 using my finger and hand technique of doing a “slight” wave with my finger and palm of my hand. Then in January 2010 I did my first finger waves in short hair. If you are doing finger waves long term (like myself) I recommend you use my finger and hand technique.

I also do finger waves with my long hair. They don’t look like they are from “piano” but are actually from long hair, hence is called “mixed length.” You can learn to do “piano finger waves” with short hair from the youtube videos shown above if you follow the video instructions. If you are just practicing, it will take time and patience but the results are great.

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What is one technique that you have used in trying to do short hair? Would you use it for more than one girl in the same short hair situation? (e.g., short hair with thick or thin tips, etc.)

I do it long term for all my clients, the main thing is that they are able to perform the wave and feel comfortable, because I have been doing it for years. I like to keep my technique simple and try to get the best result – with no complicated movement!

Another technique you use is called an eye wave and you do it by using your eye and mouth together, then make contact with your fingers and hand with the movement of your hands, and that brings you to the next wavelength. It takes practice and patience but it is a really effective way to make changes in short hair. I have been doing it for years so I have many tricks for making different wavelengths in short hair.

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