How do you do flapper girls hair? – 1920S Flapper Dress Sewing Pattern

A flapper girl’s hair needs to be straight. The flapper, however, is going to have a lot of curly hair. If I’m going to fling hair around, I need to keep it a little straight.

I have seen too many flappers and they look like they’ve got no hair on their arms.

So, let’s take a look at a hairstyle that’ll actually take off your pearly whites AND flutter-y eyes.

1. Do You Like The Blonde Cut?

I don’t get blonde hair very often, so I haven’t gotten much of a chance to try out this hairstyle. I love this hairstyle because it is a little “off”, it’s easy, yet doesn’t look too “shabby;” it is very versatile and very “me”. I like a “blonde cut” because it looks “clean,” it doesn’t need to be styled up as often, and it doesn’t look too “spunky” nor does it look too “mushy.” For this to work, you need to have short hair that’s not much of a mess because you should always have a great hairstyle and a great haircut. I like this particular cut because it is very easy to style and looks great.

2. Cut Your Hair Short

If you’ve ever cut your hair, you know that the “cutting out” is the biggest mistake you make.

Before we get started with some styling tips, you need to understand where to begin when styling or smoothing out your hair.

It is VERY important for you to take your time when cutting your hair. You can’t let your hair fall out like it did with your teen-aged self.

I’m going to show you a quick, easy way to cut your hair that will put you in mind of what NOT to do:

Take Your Time With Your Cut

I don’t care what hair color you have or how long your hair is, you must have the cut you like.

You can’t mess up on this step. You must have a great cut in order to look good and keep those soft, fluffy locks.

1. Get a Dremel

Okay, but what should you pick out for this step? I would recommend a high quality one with a small size. It’s important to not use a pomade or a hair stylist if you’re going to be using the

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