How do you do flapper girls hair? – 20S Flapper Dress For Sale

I have done it and it’s really good! Hair can be anything – braids, buns, hats, pom poms!

What do flappers do on the weekends?

They have fun with the music, they get out there, they enjoy themselves! They go into the clubs and have a good time with whatever they have, I guess.

For any of your fellow students, tell us a bit about yourself and your interests. What does your university and country do for you?

Oh I love Italy, I really do! My favourite places would be Italy, the countryside, the mountains, the city with the architecture and I think Italy is the ultimate adventure of modern times. I love a country that does everything with a lot of passion, for me that’s the Italian country. I really love the Italian culture for example.

What music do you listen to while in school?

Oh, I listen to lots of different music. I usually listen to some classical music. I love Italian music and some European music too. My favourite band is “Karaoke” – it’s one of my favourite bands and I am a fan of their music. The music reminds me of Italy. What are some artists that you adore?

I love rock and roll. I love the rhythm is great and if you like your music, you do well. It’s a country of great rhythm, I love rhythm a lot.

How do you make your hair?

I go to salon and I get it straightened by myself.

And what do you do while you’re doing school work?

I read, I watch TV, I do homework and sometimes study and I think I’m going to learn to fly! I feel like I’m a pilot!!

What does your school do for you?

I go to the library and do reading while doing study. I like reading fiction and science fiction and I like to read more science fiction. It’s interesting to write and I read a lot of books.

Tell us anything that was different in life for you when you were young?

The one thing that surprised me was, my parents are very old school, they believe that anything can happen to you. I felt that I was special. My parents were the last family I had.

You do have a lot of friends in school, are anyone you would like to have dinner with?

I would like to hang

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