How do you do flapper girls hair?

My hair is like a lot of people’s hair. It’s a thin layer of hair. It’s kind of floppy. It’s kind of like the hair that’s in your mouth because it’s like, my hair is like that. It’s thinning, and then it gets really short. I have a boyfriend who’s going to be in a couple months. I can’t do a lot of hairstyles, so it’s all by my boyfriend, and then I just use my hair.

There’s all these different ways to style your hair. Some kind of a straight, combed hair and then some kind of a layered kind of thing. What’s your take on it?

I’m more into it when I don’t have any idea what type it is so I’m going to keep it really simple as opposed to going all the way. And then, my boyfriend has a very specific look that is pretty straight and it’s really easy to look straight. He can pull the hair back with one hand and it just flows. The reason why I’m trying to keep his style, and my style‚Ķ I want it to feel like it’s not really going back. I don’t want it to be like you just straight it, you’re doing whatever it is and then the hair comes out, and then it falls on your shoulders. It is really neat to have this thing come out because it’s still a little bit of a shape in the sense that it still really has that feminine and curvy shape. You can get really low on it, or the hair starts falling on your shoulder. You can go very high that if I wanted to, the hair would fall off your shoulder. My style with him is pretty straight and the hair is so straight on him. It’s kind of a neat look.

What do you wear? What’s your style?

I wore this purple dress. I wanted to wear purple because I like it and it’s really easy to be wearing it because, as you know, I go from one outfit to another. I do have a white outfit which isn’t actually white in my opinion. I wanted to wear a white outfit because I always have a white outfit. I’ve always been a girl who goes from one outfit to another. I wear purple clothes a lot because I think there’s a lot of things it does for a girl, so purple is just an obvious, straight girl thing.

Do you know any female fakes?