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It’s simple – if you want to look contemporary, wear old-fashioned. We’re a clothing brand that has been making fashion for over 150 years, and our products are worn by generations of stylish urban people everywhere.

It’s why we’re so pleased to continue doing business with this fantastic company.

I can see one side of it.

The Yankees lost their game because of their starters’ shaky outings.

If you remember, they started their first game with a no-hitter by lefty Aaron Cook, and then started the game without two of the better starters in Major League Baseball.

So it’s kind of an odd sight to watch an opponent win by six runs in the first inning of a game, and then not make another decent pitch until late in the fourth inning. Of course, that’s what happened to the Mets on Thursday (and, indeed, it may be what happened when they beat the Braves on Tuesday).

It’s also not a very good sign for the Yankees, who aren’t going to win their first game with Michael Pineda starting for them since at least May 2011. So their hope and belief that they can start the season 4-1 is in deep trouble, even if they’ll only get a good half-game from Mike Pelfrey and possibly a few innings from Andrew Miller.

The other side of this is also true. The Yankees had the third-worst team ERA in baseball last season, so the fact that Pineda pitched like he was carrying something in his body or something in his mind is not a big deal. They just have no idea what it is.

The only thing the Yankees really had control of last season was whether they’d sign the best free agents (like Yoenis Cespedes), and there was more leverage to spend on starting pitching than ever before. If the Indians had signed Cespedes, they would have been paying almost $70 million over eight years!

The Yankees have no control over what Cespedes was going to do once he accepted a five-year $75 million offer at first, or whether the Yankees would have signed him anyway. At this point, even they don’t know.

The only thing they did over the weekend that might hurt them is take a chance and sign a starter from a league-average offense such as Jose Quintana. They may have to do that. They could still be able to sign them for about half of their $125 million over

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