How do you dress like the 1920s? – 1920’S Red Flapper Dress

If I were a 1920s-era woman, I wouldn’t have worn a short skirt or a flat top. I would have worn a very long skirt and top. A lady could go to a big dressmaker and have her body made to the proportions of that era. They are going to give you a great-looking waistband so that when you put your shirt on, the way that women did before 1920, there doesn’t seem any shirt on a woman in the 1920s.

And your waistband?

I could give you an estimate with one of my own, but you might make your own. You just start up with your body size: What are you in the middle of? What is your waistline like?

In the case of a family member or loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Alzheimer’s symptoms may become worse.

If you or a loved one have a serious concern about you, consider talking to your caregiver or a physician.

In the case of an elderly person with AD, the doctor or health care provider may recommend the following:

To be on the safe side, talk with your caregiver about what you can and can’t take. It’s a good idea, as well, to talk the day after giving birth. It can be hard to tell whether the baby is still breathing. If you don’t know, take a baby monitor to make sure.

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The doctor or health care provider can also offer you strategies to minimize your risk of complications. Some are things that can help you cope, like using an anti-inflammatory and taking vitamins C and D. It’s also important to be informed about the possible risks of certain medications you take, such as:

Taking any medicine to prevent or treat a serious ailment that you have. Talk with your doctor about how safe and effective the medicines can be in managing these conditions. For example, aspirin is an AD medication that may carry a higher risk than not taking it.

Being older, have certain health conditions, or have more recent illnesses than usual. You also should check with your doctor before changing medications.

If you are taking medications other than those listed above, your doctor can help you decide whether you should continue to take them

How should I talk about my concerns about AD?

It’s a good idea to talk to your caregiver and health care provider before your anxiety starts to increase. Ask them for help with strategies to lessen the impact of AD

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