How do you dress like the 1920s? – Flapper Party

Well, you dress in a whole lot more than you do in today’s world. You dress for a life you have imagined and you take that fantasy to the next level in terms of elegance, exclusivity and the best-fitting suit you’ve ever worn. If you’re a business man, you want to make it all look, feel and smell excellent. In the 1920s, that meant a dress tailored so that it didn’t show, but still allowed for the perfect balance of style and grace. Here’s what you’ll find in the 1920s suit-makers.

1929 “Wasp” (A.P. Anderson)

1929. A.P. Anderson and Company, San Francisco
Elegant black flapper dress, with ruffled skirt detail, Great ...

A.P. Anderson was founded by Charles W. Anderson in 1889 in San Francisco and, the following year, he purchased the patent for the new suit, the A.P.S. suit. Anderson and the company went through many models, all of which were designed to fit perfectly. The suit was considered to be the best suit of its day and was available for both men and women. The 1929 A.P. Anderson “Wasp” is one of the most expensive suits to ever take the stage. In fact, they are still at their best-priced and most popular, being priced at a hefty $2,000 or more, even now.

The 1929 J.S. St. Petersburg “Wasp” (George Gilder)

1929. George Gilder and Co. Inc., Los Angeles

The name of this coat and topcoat are the oldest in history by 20-years, making the J.S. St. Petersburg “Wasp” the most expensive to ever wear. This coat is the most classic example of a J.S. St. Petersburg “Wasp” and is still an A.P.S. bestseller. The design is very classic, and features a classic topcoat and sleeves, made of the finest silk, for a suit fit and finish to match.

1927 “Lance”

1927. L. A. & A. M. Co., New York

This jacket was introduced as part of the A.P.S. jacket collection in 1931 and has come to be a timeless item for any fashion fan; the L. A. & A. M. Co. jacket is made of 100% linen but has a full-grain wool shell. The coat is in

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