How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt? – Gold Flapper Dress

You make a flapper dress with these fabrics.

When you are ready, iron the dress shirt.

Then, place the fabric over the shirt, pin the fabric into place.

Then, cut the fabric at the edges.

Do not cut all the way through the fabric.

It will look ugly.

To finish the dress, iron the fabric.

If you want a flapper style dress, you can also wear the dress from the top.

It’s so easy and it looks amazing. 🙂

The following text is a portion from one of those articles that the Internet Archive has posted. Many of them have been reprinted on this web site with kind permission.

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So my friend went into the movie house on the weekends, and he would drive me there for a couple of hours each time. We would drive into the woods, just as he used to tell us it was cold in there, and sit in the seats, and maybe have conversation or two with the other patrons.

We didn’t have much of this experience. Mostly it consisted, as we’d usually come, of watching two hours of what seemed to be a terrible family dramedy, with some dialogue where they played music to make it seem like they were listening to something important or interesting. Then we’d just take a seat, and watch for the four hours or so it took to finally end when a girl with blond hair sat to the side of me and asked, “Have you ever seen The Room?”

I didn’t understand why he’d say that. I couldn’t understand it myself. What could a random viewer even possibly care about a movie about a girl who was in a hotel room?

It never bothered me that he didn’t bother to do much else besides keep us entertained. He was right. What he didn’t do was ask. When the movie ended, there was no talking, and I really was just left with a horrible taste in my mouth, as well

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