How much does a toilet flapper cost? – Diy Flapper Dress

(i.e. A flapper is $2,000)

How to Buy an Electric Flapper

You can buy a flapper from an electric supplier. Alternatively, you can buy one from an electric supply house. However, don’t expect them to give you the same model as the manufacturer. Check with your electric supply house to make sure it has the correct flapper model. You will probably find that they list it on the web as “Electric, 110V” rather than the correct 110V.

If you haven’t got a supply house, then you will have to get one to service your flapper. The easiest way is to order one from “the home shop”. They have a wide range of options including different models. I would suggest checking with them beforehand about what model your flapper is and what it would cost.

How to Buy an Aseptic Flapper

Easiest way to become an Aseptic Flapper is to contact an electrical supply company. The majority of these supply companies do not have their own flapper models and will only advertise flapper models that they produce. However, there are a few who do have their own flapper models. For example, E.F. Power Supply are one such company, and can be contacted by phone or email.

The E.F. model is the most common flapper for the most part, with a range of sizes available. The E.F. model comes with several different types of flappers and you can also choose it to meet your own needs. Many people buy one for their bath and just plug it in. However, many choose to upgrade to a dual-cycle, double-cycle, or triple-cycle model.

I do recommend checking with your supplier before you give them the phone number for your flapper because a new supplier might not offer your product. You want to make sure you do not run into problems with the first supply company or you will be putting your money on someone else.

If you buy from an electrical supplier, have some fun with it. You can always order a new model as the last one will be used. The only stipulation is what type you use and how long the flapper is expected to last.

Note: In the USA, you can also contact a local electrical company in your area.

How to Buy a Flapper with a Sensor

A sensor flapper can only be ordered from a electrical supply

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