How were flappers different from previous generations? – 1920S Flapper Dress Black And Red

It will be a long time before the flappers look like earlier ones. The women are older and they are working harder, and that’s a significant change because earlier generations were not working as hard as today in the way that women want to.

What is a “good” job?

Well, there are many different types of jobs; many times it’s not a job that you are really looking for and your job search is very limited. A good career for the young woman is a working with the arts; she should be on stage, she should be creating or working toward performing an opera, she should be in a musical theatre, she should be working toward becoming a musician…

What are the greatest threats to young women, to girls today?

Well, young women have a lot more choices than they did twenty years ago; a lot more choices than we’re having now. There’s a lot more to be had.

What do you say to young girls who feel threatened by being surrounded by male music producers, when the majority of young women are in music production and in the business?

To young girls, the greatest threat to them is men. That’s the reason that the majority of young, attractive women leave the music industry.

There’s one word that you would use that gets used a great deal… that they are over-sexed.

Yes, and people like to over-sexualize them. Over-sexualizing them, because they are attractive, to men who, because of their attractiveness, are attracted to them. They get very frustrated when they say they are over-sexualized, because it’s true!

Do you think that the sexualization of young women has influenced how they view their own sex?

Young women are more sexual in terms of their relationships and their relationships are more fluid. You don’t want to be with someone who is too sexual, because it changes your relationship and relationship becomes un-enjoyable.

What does an ideal girlfriend look like?

I think that girls should take an interest in the idea that they should be in relationships that are not necessarily monogamous. We should also look at having multiple sex partners.

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You think there’s a difference between sex and relationships?

Yeah, certainly some of the relationships that young women have are not healthy, some of them may not be healthy in terms of their relationships, but in general I think that girls should look at and question certain

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