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The answer is that they were not. But it would have been more of a “flapping” time than a “tipping points” time. In the 1950s the country was not so different from the land; the main cultural and political elements and ideals were the same. The flappers were still women who had the same aspirations about their lives . . . but the times were different. Flappers, then, were a reaction to their own culture and what it was giving them — to both the war effort and a culture of consumerism, where women were seen as disposable assets. The flappers also used flapping to show respect. In addition to the flappers flapping out of the way and into the crowd, this has been another popular practice that women engage in in order to show respect. Women who are not flappers have developed the practice (sometimes called “tiptoeing”). Some of the best-known female tiptoes are the ones who have a special tiptoe that goes up to the guy in front of them. Another way women take a step back and allow their body language to come into play is by doing something that is like a backward step. A “backwards step,” in this instance, is when women take a step in the opposite direction from where they are sitting. In other words, they are moving away from one another instead of toward each other. Backward stepping usually is a move to show respect. It is a gesture that acknowledges someone else’s body. Backward stepping is different for women and men . . . that is, the body positions are different.
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Women are different from men in that they are always in the driver’s seat — they choose the direction in which the movement will take them. Because they are able to choose to do forward- or back-facing turns, women are especially interested in learning about this. They want to know what turns men make and what turns women make when it comes to what direction they’re moving in. It is easy to become discouraged in knowing this kind of information, and that is why it is so important for women to know some of these things.

This information is important. It keeps women active and helps them to have a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t. It is part of the training you will receive in the beginning of training and it is going to be part of the training you will receive as you progress.

There’s a tendency for some to get discouraged because they don’t want to get discouraged because

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