Was the flapper a feminist? – Flapper Party

Well, yes, she was. At that time, the public saw her as a symbol of the independence of women from the domestic sphere to the family and the political sphere. She was, in fact, a symbol of independence rather than a feminist who challenged domesticity.

Today, it is true that flappers (and other flappers) are not, generally speaking, feminists. There is a certain stigma and shame attached to having a female role model, and we are still finding our way out of that. But today, most flappers (and other flappers) still adhere to traditional gender norms. We are encouraged to present our bodies proudly for all to see (and to wear some sort of revealing clothing that is often called flap necklaces) and we are encouraged to be ourselves, not what we believe we should be. The point, though, is that our femininity will, in most cases, not be questioned because we are viewed as, and treated as, the best thing that can be done to help out the household. Today, most flappers (and other flappers) make very little (if any) money and are considered “independent” and “socially responsible” with their choice of employment and leisure.

So what was her legacy? To some extent, she proved the point I’m trying to make in this article about the flapper. In many ways, she proved that the social expectations of an active domestic life are often very different than what they were in the early 1920s. She proved that those of different social positions were, in fact, able to achieve more in the workplace, be more financially successful than the privileged, and, above all, be less ashamed about pursuing an independent and fulfilling career than those who were more privileged or were “in charge.”

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I’d call that progress.

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