What color lipstick did flappers wear? – Free 1920’S Flapper Dress Patterns

I had never done research or researched this type of thing at all. It was very interesting to see how the other women dressed, and also to see how they took their personal style to the streets. As a girl, it was my goal to look as fashionably conservative as possible. Of course, there seemed to be a lot of diversity, in the style and attitude of the men. I wasn’t into these ‘cool’ guys and the ‘cool girl’ type of guys that had grown up in this culture. It really turned my eye to some really interesting things I couldn’t understand.

There were a lot of guys doing what they wanted, they didn’t care, and they wore whatever they wanted. I think that there was just a lot of freedom for the boys. In the ’70s, there wasn’t as much of a culture because people seemed to focus on the ‘cool girls’ and a lot of the young men were looking for the woman they were supposed to be with, or, for lack of a better name, the ‘whore’ type of girl.

Women still didn’t have any voice. There were a lot of issues, which I think is what made the ’80s so interesting. The women were still very marginal. Even though women took an extremely strong voice in ‘the fight for the right to vote,’ women were still very small and not considered the same as their male counterparts. That seems to have changed somewhat in the ’90s, but it was so much earlier in history. I had been trying to get interested in the women’s movement for years, but I didn’t know what to do. My mom always said there were too bad guys for me to find out what women went through. I have to say at first it was incredibly upsetting. I kept thinking there were no women out there working to make life better for themselves. I never understood why we were told what to do. I wasn’t being told to put on makeup and try to look ‘sexier.’ It was so alien to my culture.

I knew there were a lot of women out there who suffered from domestic abuse, but it really didn’t hit me that way. I thought that everyone who went on these rallies were out there to put on an act, and that they were all out to protect the young men. It was really hard to be so involved with this movement. I got to meet so many people that I found out the struggles all around me. I don’t really think

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