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I’ve seen flapper dresses in my dreams. It wasn’t like a movie. A lot of time was spent with flapper dresses, and they were gorgeous. They were white with very big dainties around the neck of them, and that’s that. They were quite nice dresses that could have been worn by most people. They had this really sweet, very elegant, romantic feeling to them.” “They looked beautiful. The women who were in flapper dresses had this idea that they were so elegant and glamorous. They’d come in wearing long gowns that looked really fabulous and pretty, with long, silky, golden hair.” “In flapper dress you could find women to be pretty and feminine, because they could be pretty and feminine. That’s what you saw.” “They had these beautiful dresses, and they could easily be worn by any type of woman.” “The dresses were so pretty, it could be used for any type of woman as far as I was concerned, and they were. I mean you’d be happy to see these dresses on anybody, on anybody who wanted to wear them. It was very much in line with the times.” ~The New York Sun, March 7, 1955

For more information on the fashion community, visit “The Fashion Code” by Karen Beattie and Jean CĂ©line (Fashion Nation Books, 1995) and “The Golden Ratio” by Charles E. Dutton (Titan Books, 1989). “The Golden Age of Fashion is the ultimate book.” ~Michael O’Neal, Founder Executive Director of the Fashion Institute of Technology

“In The Golden Age, Michael O’Neal brings to his readers (including educators or those who are concerned about the future of fashion and technology) a series of fascinating, thought-provoking and enlightening discussions of the historical development of fashion in Japan, from the beginning of its industrialization to today. This fascinating history serves both as an introduction and a useful reference.” ~Juanita H. Davis, President, Fashion Institute of Technology “The Golden Age of Fashion is a book which makes some remarkable, eye-opening assumptions. But is, in fact, a very powerful narrative history.” ~A.K.A. S. K.

The second and final game of the regular season between the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys can’t come too soon.

If you haven’t already forgotten by now, the Cowboys had a very good game against the Packers on Sunday night:

Roaring 1920's Dance Styles - Charleston, Fox Trot, Texas ...
They scored 23 points

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