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What colors would you put a color scheme where a player has to find a color scheme and then paint everything he sees? And what kind of player are you? That is the question.

A color scheme in a game in early 1920s is:



Yellow (yellow and orange)

Green (green and blue)

Blue (blue and green)
Black Gatsby Flapper Dress

White (white and black), with blue as an optional color

In the final rulebook, the colors are green, white, blue, red and purple as follows:

Blue was omitted because it was too light in color value in the game

Purple was omitted because of its poor matching of the colors in the game

Red was omitted because it was also too light in color value in the game

Purple and black were simply absent because in the game, red was a powerful and interesting color

Yellow was omitted because at that time, yellow wasn’t even a color.

Green was replaced by white and black was replaced by blue, in the final rulebook.

These rules were written and implemented in the game, but the exact colors were not in all of them because in the 1920s (because they weren’t there for the game) in any case color coding is a very subjective task. It was left to a player to pick the colors and then create a new color scheme, because even though some players knew how to use colored cards, some didn’t.

Why did they omit purple?

That is a little harder to tell. This is because purple was not very popular then. The first color that was available was red. But red was not very vibrant, and it was also not very important because it wasn’t that useful. But the next color in the game was purple, and when a player sees a purple card, she thinks of purple. So purple was not seen as a really important color either.

That is why in the final rulebook, purple was omitted (and green was again omitted for all the reasons we have already mentioned).

In the actual game, when purple and black are the first cards in a deck, you may not notice that black was added. Players have to find colors that they like more than other colors, and we think that black adds a lot of interest to the game and enhances the card’s value.

And in addition to the rules that we describe here, the color scheme in the 1930

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