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If you can’t identify your country of origins today, don’t despair. In the 70s, there were plenty of options to show your heritage, and I was lucky enough to have chosen to stay in New Jersey, where I grew up. That meant I saw a lot of the same colors that people did back then.

What are some things you were into, and why?

My favorite TV show of the 70s was The New Adventures of Old Christine, which was an homage to the original series The New Adventures of Robin Hood, which was a spoof of British politics, and also a great drama. I also loved Star Trek, and that’s one of the few TV shows that’s still relevant today. I also enjoyed watching Doctor Who, specifically the new series. A friend of mine named Tom told me his favorite movie of the 70s was The Three Stooges, which is one of the last comedies left in the world.

Where do you see the country in 10 to 30 years?

I think there are so many different cultures and languages coming together. The internet is only getting louder and the world is getting warmer, and it’s fun to think about how we might live 10 to 30 years from now. I’m a firm believer that the human species never dies, and that life is amazing and has a way of flourishing. That’s a hopeful vision I hope to someday see fulfilled.

Who was your favorite character on Friends?

My favorite character on Friends was Monica Geller, the only character I could imagine myself watching the show (since Friends was based on a newspaper comic book). I also loved The Big Bang Theory.

What movie advice did I take away from all of my 80s movies?

First off, don’t be a fan of your friends when your friends don’t want to be a fan of you. Second, don’t go to all of these expensive movies that you don’t have the means to see, especially when you aren’t the type of person who appreciates the artistry or production value. Third, if you get into the hobby of filmmaking or have the means to watch it, you need to be able to work together as a team even if you don’t want to. The more you can do that, the less pressure you feel when you’re just trying to get something made. Fourth, don’t do anything too crazy and don’t try to do anything too expensive.
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Did you have a favorite or least favorite

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