What did Ladies Wear in the 1920s? – 1920 Flapper Dresses For Women

Ladies wore everything and anything that was trendy at that time, as they usually did. There was no such thing as a garter or a petticoat, and women were not interested in wearing anything that was only fashionable at the time, even with the help of fashionable men. The most fashionable thing in Ladieswear was the very simple shapeless dress, that was worn with no jacket, no shoes, no socks, no cravat or apron, and no hat. Ladies wore this shapeless, simple dress, for example, as they usually did because it was a way to dress themselves with no clothes and without the bother of dressing up in formal clothes.

Why Is the Dress in the Pictures Different?

We think that the ladies in the pictures look quite different than the actual ladies who were seen in the 1920s, as there were many different reasons why a lady would wear the same dress from day to day. We think that the ladies could wear a simple shapeless dress or, more common, a petticoat and a cravat instead of the formal dress that was necessary to wear a proper Ladies’ Gown. We suggest that a lady could only have a two pair apron-and-jeans type of dress, and not a two and a half or three piece gown, as this would seem to be a bit much for a lady. However, the ladies would most likely have a coat that was of some sort and a hat that was of some sort too. These ladies may wear hats, but we do not think that this is considered a proper thing and would not be worn for much longer than a few days.

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