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A collection by the French fashion brand, L’Oréal, is currently on sale in Paris for 5,000 euros.  On February 1st, a new collaboration with the company has been revealed.  The “Ladies Wear” Collection will be available online, but it’s also getting a launch in Paris.
So it sounds interesting and is interesting to read about – I haven’t worn any so this info is all speculation. We all know that some items are a little more special than others and while some of the stuff I had my eye on was a little on the expensive side, I’ve been looking for a simple and affordable beauty product I can try.  If I got the right product, this can become a staple in my collection and I will be able to try a lot of different brands and products I never would have.  That is my goal of course.
What’s in it?
The new “Ladies Wear” collection, on sale at L’Oréal Paris on February 1st, has something new for your beauty routine.  It all has to do with L’Oréal’s new brand “Hérault” (the French for ‘beauty’) and the idea that men and women’s lives are linked, that beauty is something we can find in a man and something a woman can do for herself.  For example, if I want to find a way to love makeup, I have to give it a try with Hérault’s new foundation.  It is a great looking foundation with a lot of products and great staying power.  Also, if I find a way to apply lotion, I can go to the barber to get a shave.  It is a great value for you – 15,00 euros.  You can also visit their website here .
The Foundation, which is by far one of my favourite products from the new collection and also one of my favourite of my collection.  It gives full light coverage when applied in the morning, light coverage with a nice blend or a medium coverage, for an enhanced look in the evening.  It has great moisture-balancing effects.  This product is one of my favourite foundations I have tried.  In one review I stated that a lotion made this product better than most.  In another review, I said it gave a more natural looking face, while another said an enhanced look.  I

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