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Is America supposed to be a free country now? Is it just supposed to be a country where all you want to do is watch TV and have fun – or is it a land of free speech and freedom of thought? We may never know.

“Why should the president of the United States know anything about the FBI’s investigation into his campaign?” Sanders said on CNN’s “New Day.”

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo questioned the point of Sanders’ argument in a segment on Thursday, saying Sanders is simply “worried about the president knowing stuff about a potential law enforcement investigation.”

“So you believe it’s a good idea to have [Attorney General] Loretta Lynch testify before Congress next week, and you believe you should know that President Trump is under FBI investigation? Because that’s your argument, I guess, in this sense, that he is being investigated?” Cuomo asked.

Sanders replied.

“Well, Chris, let’s talk about, you know, what the American public deserves to know, because there are some people in this country who are actually taking a stance of paranoia which is dangerous to the country. And at times that’s not helpful,” Sanders added.

He added that he would not have voted for Lynch if he did not trust her.
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On September 8, 2015, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released the International Energy Outlook 2014 for the world.

Although many energy policy experts still believe coal is the biggest threat to the world’s energy supplies, the IEA’s report clearly states that there are three types of fossil fuels which are “ineffective” in the fight against climate change: oil, gas, and coal. According to World Bank Group, the IEA’s 2014 estimate of how much fossil fuel energy is required to satisfy demand worldwide, is the lowest of the five leading international energy analyses.

Furthermore, “fossil fuel reserves are finite,” according to the IEA, pointing out that, with current trends, most of the world’s oil and gas reserves will be exhausted in 2055.

How can we “save these resources for the long-term future”?

For more information, please see their full report here.

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Source: IEA

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