What did they wear in the 20s? – 1920 Gatsby Flapper Dresses

The “belly band” was an iconic part of this garment.

“Fashion history” was written about this period.

I’ve read, often, about how women of the mid- to late-20th century didn’t go for shorts anymore, and so it’s a perfect time for a look back on the history of the “belly band,” as we’re calling it these days.

It’s not as old as we’d had it by the mid- to late-20th century, but I think that when everyone looked at the mid-century men’s wardrobe, their first thought would have been of this outfit. When a guy took it off, he wore a pair of shorts or a jacket, and that would have been the start of their mid-century look. So if you want to look at fashion history, and talk to some vintage folks and find new trends, this is the sort of outfit you should look at.

“You are the strongest among the demons.” – Anaconda, Book One

The Anaconda is a huge, fearsome creature who was once worshipped by some barbarians, but is now feared by the humans of the Old World. In many other lands, the ancients still worship this beast, and one particular village in the hills of New Caledonia is known even to some natives as the “Anaconda Village.”

Today the elders of the village tell tales of an ancient evil, long thought destroyed by the arrival of the Knights of the Round Table. The truth is far stranger – in truth, the very people of New Caledonia do not know what the Anaconda is, but they know it is a monstrous creature whose power is almost unrivaled in the Old World. Even the village elder, the wily Captain, has a secret that only a handful of those in the village know.

A large number of people have been taking a little extra time out of their workday to find time to watch the latest episode of “Mad Men.”

The show’s seventh season, which is underway, just wrapped on Sunday. While many folks are watching “Mad Men” on their mobile devices (which makes plenty of sense if you view the season as a movie), one of the show’s stars, Don Draper, isn’t alone.

On Friday, an interesting experiment was planned by a fan named Jon Sweeny. At a website dedicated to “Mad Men” history, called the “Mad Men Timeline,”

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