What is a flapper girl? – Diy Flapper Dress Costume

The flapper girl is a female singer/songwriter, and often, dancer by day, pop star by night. It’s the type of life I don’t think I want for me, and I feel that my life is an unfulfilling imitation of this. I find that the type of woman I am as a flapper would make it difficult for me to get as close to my dream as I want, so I’m sure I’m doing something right. If I was a man who was doing what I am doing, and who was happy to go to work every day, and have fun and be able to get to know new people, I could have a much better life, but I am a girl and that isn’t something I have to chase for. I think I get what I’m trying to say.

Would you be happier if you were a man or a woman?

It’s really up to me, because I believe in equality and that if I want to be happy, I would be happier if I grew into the woman I want to be.

Does that mean you feel that the opposite is more desirable?

You know what? I really enjoy dating men. I think there are different qualities I would be drawn to more in men than women. The only thing I would be really disappointed in if I became a girl is if it didn’t work out. I don’t know.

You can find Shauna Rose, who plays the character of Marceline on Adventure Time, at www.shaunrachose.com

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What is the ‘feminine’ trait most often attributed to Wonder Woman and why do so many see it as being undesirable?

Why doesn’t Wonder Woman wear pants? Because she’s a woman.

I love it so much! So amazing!!

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