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A flapper girl is a woman under the age of 28.

A flapper girl is a woman who is not related to or living with another woman. If your sister or cousin is married, and you are not related, she can marry a flapper girl of your own age .

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On Friday evening, as millions of people gathered to celebrate the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, one group of protestors made their presence known:

The New York Daily News reported on May 26, 2016 that Philadelphia’s police department was called in to break up a disturbance involving hundreds of demonstrators at the Democratic National Convention. In an email, the local police stated that 1,500 “large crowds” gathered at the Wells Fargo Center during the event, which started around 11:30pm.

A local news source, the Philadelphia Daily News, reported that “over 8,000 people were arrested, including those protesting the nomination of his chief rival, Hillary Clinton.”

According to the Philadelphia police department’s Facebook page, there were 5,715 arrests by 4am on July 2, which is the earliest recorded date of the Philadelphia police department’s own Facebook page.

The police department reported 5,715 arrests, which included those protesting the nomination of his chief rival, Hillary Clinton.

There is not a single credible evidence that any of the reported arrests were related to the Democratic National Convention or its aftermath, although it is certainly possible that some were as a result of the Philadelphia police department’s effort to keep the peace.

So, did some people simply get out of hand or did they become violent?

A number of groups are claiming that those with the least knowledge of the issues behind the arrests, like Hillary Clinton, may blame protesters for their own actions, including physical attacks.

The New York Daily News, who broke the news, reported Monday that a police source accused protesters “of creating a riot” by “running people down, hurling objects at them”, the latter being a police term for assaulting police officers.

In addition, the Daily News article claimed that the police arrested dozens of people and that most of the arrests were for “assaulting police officers”.

However, this assertion is problematic as the following video shows exactly what most people were arrested for:

That video is disturbing in and of itself. But there is a bit of irony in the fact that the protesters themselves are the ones engaging in violence against police, at a

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