What is a flapper girl?

A flapper girl is a girl with long brown hair and brown or blond bangs that stands out from the girls around you, because you can’t spot them. If you see a flapper girl standing around you, you’ll definitely notice them in a moment—that’s where the flapper girl comes from.


There was a time when flappers would wear high waisted skirts with black high heels, but nowadays it’s a lot safer to wear low cut tops with a simple, dressy blouse. Flappers are still very popular, but they have a new popularity.

Flapper girl makeup tutorials

If you want to make your own flapper face makeup tutorial, you can see some lovely examples over here. You can also find a lot of different flapper makeup tutorials on YouTube that are all pretty simple. That’s why I highly recommend you to make yourself a DIY flapper face makeup tutorial. I know, I know, so easy.
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There is a great Flapper Girl makeup tutorial on YouTube here, so you can find some examples of Flapper Girl makeup tutorial in this video as well. If you want to add more flapper makeup tutorials for yourself, watch these tutorials below.

Flamapants for you

Here are some other examples of flapper makeup tutorials that you can also watch, so you can decide what style work best for you.

Flamapping Girl Flapper Face Tattoos

I’m talking about getting a tattoo of flapper girl face on your face with a highlighter, a color pencil and some color. It may not be something that you see everyday, but you should definitely make it your first go when you learn the whole face tattooing process. If you want to see some flapper style of tattoo, you can check out the photo of the first tattoo that I did, here, or the video of the first image that I did, here.

Flamapant for you (a flapper’s face tattoo, or a flapper girl tattoo)

Here’s a video that shows all of the different variations on flapper face tattoo. You can learn how to apply all kinds of flapper faces on your own, and learn more about tattoos.

Flamapant tutorial for you

Here’s a video I did with some beautiful images. Enjoy!

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