What is a petting party in the 1920s? – Plain Black Flapper Dress

Petting parties were a social event designed for the couples in the US when they met, but didn’t really spread around the world until the early 1930s. It was typically designed to be a night of socializing but also a chance to have some “adult fun” with all kinds of animals.

The idea behind petting parties was to offer the participants something of their own personal interest. “The party was not to be a ‘celebration of love’ it was to be a ‘clubbing night’ where everybody had an opportunity to have a good time with their companion animals,” one source recounts.

The event was meant to give participants a chance to have an intimate experience with their companions, whether it was of them being petted or just having a fun time of its own. The idea was to make it an event that the participants could just “leave and just forget the relationship” if they were going through a time of stress.

The event would most likely have been held away from town in an urban setting, perhaps somewhere near the frontiers, where the couples could relax for a few days before returning to work and life. They’d then come together again when they could, or return at a later date.

Did they really use dogs at all to pet the dogs?

Probably not. A “petting party” as it was usually described didn’t involve any actual physical affection between the groups — more of a social bonding.

When dogs were the subject of this kind of party, a man would be called over to bring an animal to the event, and the woman would meet him on the couch to greet its owner.

There was usually never a single dog present, and if there was any it usually went to the couch, because this had to be done after the dog had been left unattended. If the man or woman returned, the dog would most likely have been returned to the owner.

What animal was used to greet the guests?

Typically, the animals were dogs, either a stray or a puppy.

What are some of the things people from different countries ate?
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Weirdly, the dogs didn’t eat their own food.

They ate what the parties required for food, which was a kind of “pork and mutton stew,” according to the other source. And the pets often did the singing, dancing and performing for others.

As far as what they ate, things to include are likely

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