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A look at the most expensive gown in history

The story of Gatsby’s wife, the late Sisley, who first proposed to him and then married him, has always been about a woman. “I really wanted to do something with a man,” he told the Daily Mail in 2008. “That is why my dad [a retired army colonel] took me to the movies and he said: ‘Have you got a couple of suits?”‘

Gatsby was a member of the Royal College of Foot Guards and an avid reader of the London Review of Books. In his book, he describes himself as a “proper bachelor” and says his “real love” was women; his parents had no idea his “fool’s errand” was to join the Army as an officer.

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By the time you look through the page of the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, you’re probably starting to wonder why we all keep buying sex toys.

At last count, the magazine had sold 5,000 pieces of the $80,000 sex toy industry’s latest buzzword: the orgasmic plug. And as consumers pay more and more attention to how they achieve pleasure, so do sex toy companies, which have invested billions in new toys that promise to improve pleasure. “It’s not that people are less interested in sex. It’s more that people aren’t getting what they want from it. It takes money to make money, and you’re making it for much less,” says Cosmo’s editor-in-chief, Nancy Jo Sales. The magazine calls an orgasmic plug the “new vibrator.”

“They get off more. They experience orgasm more often. They orgasm more, longer and longer. You can have all the sex of the world in about 20 seconds,” says sex toy company president and owner Paul Ryan.

But if you’re in the market for a plug, here are some of the reasons why you’ll want to think twice before shelling out a few hundred dollars for a $10 novelty toy:

The FBI has been investigating the FBI for more than a decade for possible bribery and corruption related to the bureau’s involvement in the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), reports Breitbart News. If confirmed, the alleged scandal could potentially affect whether or not the former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch recused herself from ongoing investigations during her tenure as AG. If confirmed, Lynch will be the fourth FBI Director to face a Senate hearing this year.

The FBI has recently been

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