What is Marcelled hair? – Cheap 1920S Plus Size Gatsby Flapper Dresses

– Marcelled hair is cut from white hair of a particular breed (eg cat) with the exception of white hair of Caucasian origin. Marcelled hair is a color variation of the Caucasian hair color. This hair-color variation is one of the most visible characteristics of the breed.

How does Marcelled hair look like? – Marcelled hair may have a yellowish color or a reddish/greenish color. The color may vary due to the varying pigment levels that have been added to the hair over a period of time. Also, even if a hair is marbled, there is no color differences from white hair.
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Does Marcelled hair grow back? – A marbled hair may not grow back because it is permanently marbled.

Why was black hair removed from our hair? – We did not remove black hair as a practice, but because it was unnecessary. Black hair does not have a very clear pattern because of its dark pigment.

What is the history of black hair? – If you look at the historical records and you can trace back the origins of hair as a specific breed type, then you can gain a detailed look into the history and roots of their hair-color. That means knowing their origins, and what those origins were. You can also learn what their color and pattern was.

Where do I start my hair ancestry research? – We would love to have you know more about who your ancestors were, what their hair color was like, where they grew up and where they lived. Once you have this information, we can do our best to pinpoint who your ancestors were and what they looked like.

Can my hair color determine whether I will reproduce? – Absolutely not! The color of the hair is only a factor in determining the age and health level of any offspring you will produce.

How many different colors can my hair have? – Only two of the four colors of hair can be seen on one individual – black and brown. Marbled hair requires an extra pigment called “raspberries” that is produced by the melanocytes (cells) of the hair follicles. There are about 15% of all melanocytes in your hair, about 7.5 million. As well, the pigment is also produced through the melanocytes during the hair-growing process. Marbling is also unique to certain hair colors. Other hairs may contain many shades of a single pigment, or no pigment at all, just as a natural hair color does.

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