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Our original marcelled hairdo is a unique combination of our trademarked marcelled hair with traditional Japanese shibori style and the traditional Japanese traditional bow. Marcelled hair can be styled in many different ways, depending on the shape of your hair! The hairdo can be done short , thickening (using a brush) or it can be straight or curly and you can even use marced hair to create waves.

Mardi gras! Our hairdo is styled for your Mardi Gras festivities or for other festivals like Christmas or Hanukkah! We’ve also included pictures of our marced hairdo in various holiday attire.

This is a fun and easy hairdo to do with any yarn you choose, and it’s sure to wow your guests with your unique style!

The U.S. Supreme Court, in its decision on Thursday, said it’s up to states to decide whether the use of medical marijuana is allowed.

“We need to figure out the best way to allow states to experiment without the federal government interfering and stifling the experimentation of other states,” said Chief Justice John Roberts.

Roberts said there’s no need to write a new constitutional provision.

“It’s just a matter of recognizing that some things are best left to the states and recognizing the states as the guardians of medical decisions,” he said, adding that states already have “some control in this area.”

Roberts said the ruling is largely a procedural piece. It doesn’t give the federal government a veto over state laws legalizing medical marijuana.

“What’s going on, as I understand it, is that states must decide whether these are decisions of medical doctors — which they are — that are made with an appropriate amount of certainty and medical information,” Roberts said.

The Supreme Court previously ruled in 2004 that Congress has no right to ban a drug it has sanctioned for decades. The justices ruled 6 to 3 that Congress cannot prohibit a drug if it hasn’t been outlawed by the federal government.

Since then, Congress has passed legislation regulating marijuana and marijuana has been used to treat a variety of illnesses.

In its 2012 case, California v. Mitchell, the high court considered several key issues, including the constitutionality of federal bans on medical marijuana.

The justices have yet to decide whether to hear another case that will seek to decide the constitutionality of federal laws banning marijuana. That case focuses on a handful of states without an

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