What is Marcelled hair? – Plus Size Flapper Dress Pattern

The cut of your hair does not determine the color of your hair. The hair color of your hair is determined by the combination of the genes that give your hair its color. The genetics behind an individual’s hair color is not hereditary.

When is a Marcelled hairstyle a normal hairstyle for you?

Generally though men and women don’t cut their hair until they are well into their forties or fifties.

What do I do if my natural hair color is pink or red?

If you have naturally red hair you may be wondering if it is a normal color for you. Many people choose pink or red hair because they feel that this color looks like their hair color.

How and why do I bleach my hair?

The bleach products we use to treat our hair are more powerful and can help remove any bleaches that you may have in your environment. It is important to follow the directions on your bottle so that you are doing it correctly.

Is it easier to bleach my hair if I use a hair drying powder versus a regular shampoos/conditioners?

If you have long flowing blond or red hair, it is more efficient to use a hair drying powder. This allows you to use less ingredients (usually one to three) and it is more powerful. When using a hair drying powder you need to follow the directions provided on the bottle and apply the product. After a few days, you should see the color fade and the hair begin to feel softer.

What do I do if the color of my hair seems to be fading?

If your hair seems to be fading, consult a certified hair colorist. A certified colorist will be able to tell you if there are bleaches in your environment that are responsible for the color fading.

What color is a black hair?

The color of a black hair is a combination of the color of your hair (with the exception of light blondes). This color is very durable and not easily bleached or color changed.

What do you wear to work if I don’t dye my hair?

If your hair color is natural, the best way to express it to everyone about yourself is to wear your hair in a style that you feel is comfortable to wear. To make the best decision about the style you should wear your hair the way you want to show it.

When is the best time to wash my hair?

The best time to

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