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In some cases – like here on this page – the woman is wearing a pretty simple coat. In other cases, a more sophisticated version of the same design, but with different details and with a very elegant twist.

What sort of footwear did these flappers use?

These women wore many types of shoes such as high heels, lace-up, and stilettos (all used for walking). They also wore ankle socks and, of course, sandals.

Was this kind of dress worn by any of the major historical figures mentioned in the text, such as Alexander the Great and his generals?

As mentioned above, there are many references to women of this type in literature and art. One of the most famous is The Lives of the Twelve Virtuous Women, a biography of Alexander the Great; however, the only famous woman with this type of dress is the Empress Matisse, who is well-known among art and history buffs worldwide. According to an interview with Matisse by Jean Cocteau (who also had a brief cameo appearance in an episode of “The Wonder Years”), the Empress Matisse wore the dress in order to give her an authentic “authentic” feel when she rode away on the military campaign with Alexander in 323 BC.

If so, this dress does have the qualities of classic flapper style — a simple, yet elegant, and high-top dress.

Which historical figures wore this kind of dress?

In addition to Alexander the Great and Matisse, we have several other historical figures wearing the flapper style. The type of dress varies greatly from style to style across different periods, and sometimes even among different cultures.

In this article, we will take a look at five of the most interesting historical figures. We will list them down on the right side of this page, but not on the top. Each is shown in a single shot from some of the most beautiful historical movies ever made, and are illustrated with some of the more typical historical images, too.

The historical figure who wore the most distinctive and recognizable dress style is probably St. George – he is shown being introduced to the Christian faith by St. Augustine in The City of God, and was also the hero of the first chapter of The Pilgrim’s Progress. Saint George wore the typical black flapper ensemble from the Middle Ages, which was made up of a robe with many colors of fabric, white stockings that extended to the knee, and white shoes (

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