What kind of coats did flappers wear? – 1920’S Style Flapper Dresses Uk

What type of food were they selling?

And if you still feel confused about that last point, I think we can all agree that if your flapper costume does not have a skirt or a vest, there is definitely something deeply wrong with you. At the same time, while the flapper costume was in many ways an “in” costume (as many of the original dresses that flapper fans wore were not yet a thing) they were still a lot like the stereotypical “girlie” clothes that we associate with modern fashion.

The reason most flappers looked like a lady, was that they were not trying to “act” like men, but to look like women. They didn’t want to be the “girlie kind of girl” that “thinks men will like her”, they wanted to look like a woman without any “manly” features, and just be an attractive young woman.

So why did they need a skirt/vest?

The reason the flappers needed a skirt/vest, is because there were other clothing options to wear at the time. Ladies in the 1840s wore dresses with a simple white skirt (or a “trick” of a skirt with little pockets to make it seem fuller) and a long white gown that was pretty similar to a girdle-style skirt in a woman’s shape. While the dress may be a bit more formal than a women’s flapper dress, it is still in essence just another piece of gown that they were wearing to cover their legs and hips. At least that’s what they thought. While the “trick” skirts may have been a bit more flattering, they still covered the whole back of the hips, and the girdle skirt had been made slightly longer.

The girdle skirt is also a lot easier for a man to style, as long as you can get your “wimpy boy” in a good t-shirt to wear underneath your Girdle skirt. To help make up for that lack of style, the flapper also needed a vest to cover their legs and hips better, as well a jacket or scarf that could be thrown over their t-shirt when they went outside with a partner. (Though some flapper costumes had a skirt, vest, or scarf that fell to below their hips. I’m not sure which was which, but they were in the bag in my book)

If you look closely at the “dressing up” scene with the young

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