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I know it was difficult to find such items. But, there is a very clear style of design in such items. The material used had to be made of a durable materials. The style of the flapper accessories used have many designs. Today, the most fashionable are very traditional and elegant ones.

Where does this tradition come from?

It comes from China. There are Chinese traditions which tell what is good for the appearance of the wearer of the accessories. The Chinese people did not have clothes. Instead, they used an item made of wood, paper, silk threads and feathers. This method is called Taoist. This style of clothing is still very important in most of the provinces and cities of China.

What are the most important characteristics for a flapper?

Flappers wear a white headdress, white long sleeves, white tights and white shoes. When they were born, they used a white dress with their hair covered by a white hat. But, after their appearance, they grew a black hair covering. The most important characteristic is the eyesight.
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Flop dresses were usually embroidered with butterflies and other symbols. Today, it is fashionable to wear red, white, pink, black or violet clothes.

What is the value of flappers’ jewelry?

This is an extremely important component of flapper lifestyle. It is very important and it has great benefits. The flappers use their most valuable thing, their time. They always keep their precious time from their time. For some flapper, their time is everything. If they could spend every last moment of their life in the flapper lifestyle, it would be very hard to keep moving.

Are there any superstitions related to flappers’ clothing?

Flappers are very lucky about the clothing that they wear. When they wore the white dresses with their hair covered by the white hat, they used to have very good luck. In many provinces all over China, people would offer their most precious things. People would pay money. But, even when flappers wore the yellow clothes with their eyes uncovered, they would still have very good luck. Today, the most important jewelry is of gold and silver.

How many flappers are there in China today?

China is a huge country. Most of them would probably be around thirty years of age. However, in the first twenty five years it would be more or less sixty and then maybe eighty years. The Chinese flapper community is

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