What shoes go with a flapper dress?

A pair of skinny jeans. These are the ones you’ll find when you look at yourself in a mirror or on a TV screen. These are the skinny jeans that you will wear to the grocery store on a Monday after having a horrible day. The ones that look great with a flannel shirt and an American shirt.

But the flip side of that is that these jeans are too tight on you. The only way to get a pair that doesn’t stretch out like it’s going to fall apart on you is to wear these jeans a little higher. Maybe a size up. The way that tight flannel makes me look is the way I should be dressed. I know I could wear a flannel top and a skinny jeans dress and that would have looked amazing.

It’s that same kind of tight fit that keeps me from wanting to sleep in my bed. There’s just something about it that doesn’t feel right.

In an effort to avoid slipping I go to a tailor and get a better fit. I want a snug fit so that my jeans show as close as possible to my stomach. In trying to get my jeans to look how I want, I can end up with a tight gusset of a pair of jeans that will make me cry.

Why do I feel self-conscious about wearing skinny jeans?

I’ve noticed a few factors that tell me that this is the right time to wear a pair of skinny jeans.

When I was a junior in high school, my first boyfriend had the worst posture I’d ever seen. He was way over 6 feet tall and his hips were way lower than his knees. He wore a size 18 jeans and he was definitely overcompensating to compensate for his lower body being fat and not his muscles.

After this time in high school, I was the exact same height as him. I’m 4’11” with a 34A from the waist down, and the only thing that really bothered me about his height was that even though the waist was still wide at 6 feet tall, it still dropped down to around 5 feet. In comparison, his hip-to-waist measurement was 5’11, and he was clearly in much better shape. He looked lean and strong, while I was just wearing jeans. My body looked more like a woman’s, and his body looked slightly curvy. When I first started dating my first boyfriend, he had a pair of skinny jeans on, and I always struggled between them