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A dress or jacket to match a flapper dress.

Is a dress always the right dress?

No. Dress is not something that follows a set rules. It should be considered, in the case of your ideal dress, an individual style choice, depending on your situation. Dress is like a wardrobe in that you use it as a general guideline and not a final one.

Does an outfit need to be boring if it’s not too revealing?

In most cases, an outfit with a very long neckline only needs a subtle amount of cleavage to get the job done. But don’t wear more than that as you don’t want another thing to appear.

As long as it doesn’t show off your neck (no bare skin in this example), you are fine.

If your dress looks too large and you want it to look less like a tank top and more like a blouse, check the fit first and go from there. Some models have longer and less modest necklines than others and in this case there is no reason to wear such high necklines in those cases.

What about a flapper dress that is too short? Can I wear it in less formal occasions?

No, you cannot.

Why not?

Flapper dresses are meant for casual, everyday wear – this means that they make good first clothes and they are meant to be worn in the most comfortable way possible in any environment. But when wearing them over some formal occasions, it’s very important that they are not too short either.

In general, they should be below the knee or above the knee. If you want to wear a long skirt, put the skirt up above the knee, like on the picture here.

To make sure a flapper dress doesn’t seem to be too short though, keep the skirt length close to the knee or lower. In this way you will keep away from “pigeons in a barrel”, making it look as if your dress is cut a little too short.

Which is more revealing?

As stated earlier, it’s also not the right look for every occasion in any situation, for both men and women. In the general case you shouldn’t need any more and if that’s the case you should look elsewhere.

One more important point is to remember that flapper dresses are different than a tank top. A tank top has the whole garment and the fabric around it, while a flapper dress

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