What shoes go with a flapper dress?

It would have to be a pair of boots. And the most important accessory is…

A purse.

There’s a lot more to fashion than dress shoes and some pieces are just too difficult for most women to find their style. There is a good chance that you can’t find a pair of heels. Or that you could get them in a store, but you just wouldn’t like how they measure up… So your best bet is a personal shopper. When you want to get your boots and suit pants, they’ll come in handy.

As for other accessories, a necklace is most important – but make sure you get one that goes with it, too.

For more help, check our Style & Fashion Q&A. And if you’re like me, you’re going to be very uncomfortable in heels for some time. Try out a variety of shoes until you realize that you’re actually getting a lot of work out of them.

5 The Easiest Ways To Make New Shoes Easier…

1. Wear a Leather Strap on Your Ankle

If you have a leather strap for this step – be sure you do, otherwise you’ll be struggling with it for quite some time. When I started wearing ankle boots, I often had to buy a second strap each time I went out! So I thought it’s worth it to try out a cheap leather strap on ankle boots, because they will make your life easier when making your shoes.

If you have a shoe lacing belt for your own shoes, then try a leather strap. I’ve never been happy with metal lacing belts in general, but this worked just fine – and only required one leather strap per order.

When purchasing the strap, be sure to purchase it in black, and to include two leather straps (not simply one) in your order. The strap can be used to fasten the boots yourself. The two leather straps will come in handy later on, when buying other boots.

It’s very unlikely that your shoe will make it so far. Don’t worry though, you can always make them. The steps below also help if an item you’re wanting to buy seems like a waste of time.

2. Get a Lace Loops

Lace loops are a simple and inexpensive way to make a pair of boots look great. They’re super easy to make, and can help you make your shoes look more organized as well.

To make laces,