What year was the flapper dress? – Black Flapper Dress Costume

I’d like to say 1935, it was the late 1920s, maybe 1937. The women were all wearing corsets and dresses with the sleeves down, so there’s a little extra something there. There are some women who I know of who think that it is a sign of bad taste to wear a corset. The truth is there really is nothing wrong with wearing a corset, especially if you’re into it in that way, but there are many who can’t care less, and it just does mean you’ve fallen far behind in time as far as fashion is concerned. That means many things, if you’re feeling uncomfortable around the corset you may simply be wearing the wrong size.

The Flapper Dress is from the 1940s. Can you talk to me about the design of the dress?

Well, I really think of the design of these dresses as a culmination of all the things that I grew up with through the years. All those little girls growing up with the dress, just getting up in the morning at school and having that dress be the symbol of their confidence. It became such a part of their fashion. And then also the people wearing the dress at every party. That became a sort of icon for the women in 1940s Britain. So it’s very much a synthesis, and that’s why I think of this dress as a culmination of those different elements. And also, I was fascinated by it. I thought it was a little bit too much. I had the designer come up with something a bit more subtle and something a bit fancier, so that made me feel slightly better about the dress when I wore it – I’m wearing very basic materials, but they had taken an inspiration from the Victorian fashion. As they say, a fashion is a collection of ideas. They all work together to give a complete idea of what you’re going for – so that’s why I really loved looking at the design of it.

Is there something about the design of the corset that makes you feel uncomfortable about it?

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No, no, no. Actually, it wasn’t something I was uncomfortable about at all, it was a very natural reaction. I was born with my face, I grew up with the style of the corset, but it was actually something my Dad had had all my life. He used to come up to my house with corsets and he’d be like “we’ve got this new corset, it’s got more movement in it!” and I’d

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