What year was the flapper dress? – Flapper Dresses With Sleeves

There were many flappers in the late 19th century. The first “flapper” was a woman who wore “uniforms of a very high order,” according to the Daily Mail. And she was known for wearing a skirt or high-necked blouse to give a flakier appearance. But it wasn’t just women who wore their clothes in flappers’ styles.

Image caption The BBC has not ruled out a move to the online world

BBC iPlayer is to make a “preemptive” move to online subscription services over the next three years.

It follows reports of an online market in the region of £2bn.

David Cameron has pledged to extend the BBC’s licence fees for the next four years.

He has said a deal could be reached for longer term investment in digital media.

Earlier this month, BT confirmed it was looking at whether it could merge its video services, including iPlayer, with its mobile phone service.

The BBC and BT have been discussing a deal over the last few months in parallel with the deal on the mobile phone network, BT’s chief executive, Sir David Clementi, said a year ago.

An earlier report suggested the two firms were likely to combine so that the BBC could gain full control of the rights to broadcast BBC programmes.

‘More than a plaything’

BBC Chief Executive Tony Hall suggested that the BBC plans a shift to online subscription services.

Mr Clementi said in September that the BBC would be in a “very strong position” if BT and the BBC could combine their services.

“In all probability it will become common practice for the BBC to sell its rights to pay-TV services and its own TV channels,” he added.

BBC Digital has not been able to match the scale of Netflix in recent years and now some argue the BBC should sell its content online rather than on TV

Image caption In March the BBC said it was exploring “multi-strategic opportunities”, with a report suggesting the future of its BBC Two and Radio 2 services

Asked if it could move at a stroke to a paid-for online service, Mr Hall said: “Absolutely.

“The BBC has a great history in the UK of having great, long-running and hugely popular series and documentaries.”

But he said that a licence fee could drive further investment in the BBC in the future.

“The licence fee has not really been an

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