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(What’s with the ’80s flappers?). How many of their friends were into that kind of music? And how exactly do they work together?

They were pretty close together because when I think [of them], I’m almost the same person I was when all this stuff happened. [Alfie and her friend] Kelly worked in [the restaurant] Pabano, and they took a lot of selfies together.

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What happened to the band and the album?

It really came to a head, I think, when they went on tour [to support a new album]. During that, they were trying to sell merch. [We thought], maybe we’re not a lot of people. Maybe they’re not really into it. We weren’t really doing the merch thing, and then [we were told], you have a few thousand tickets for a Friday night [in] Tampa, and they thought we were trying to sell merchandise.

So they called us into their office and told us to get out. They didn’t tell us we had to do the tour, but they put us in charge of that — [and] they said: “You’ve got to get in charge of taking all these people in.”

And we did because those gigs were so much fun. And it was a lot of fun going to our shows after the shows. We had some of our best nights ever. I still got my ticket, I still had my tickets, and I could still go down and watch music.

That was the fun part of what we did. I knew some people who were really angry with me, telling me all these things. But I was like, you’ve got to put it to bed now.

Did you have a good relationship with any of the other members of the band?

I did not know them all that well. I only met two band members. [Kelly’s husband] is a great guy, but I didn’t speak to him much. It was just a couple of old dudes. [The bassist] Danny [Watt] worked with me every night at Pabano, but we had a very good mutual respect for each other.

Danny was from New Orleans and my grandmother’s uncle grew up in New Orleans. For him, he saw them playing, and Danny would go visit them.

That’s when I found out that they got together, but to be honest, I didn’t know them that well at that

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