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Well, it’s the same thing as a toilet seat, only flapping around. It’s also not used to hold up your genitals, so if you are a woman, don’t let it distract you. Also, if you find yourself in a long and tetchy bathroom, you might have to use your own toilet to get around.

It’s called a flapper because it’s a short, flexible straw (or flapper) to stick to the top of a toilet. Unlike a toilet seat, a flapper makes it a lot easier to reach between the seat and the side of a toilet. They even made a model for men and a version for women.

Flamingos are cheap. You can find them at Walmart, Target or other large stores. Or, you can go to a home improvement store for some flappers to put over plumbing. Or, you can try to steal one from your local public toilet. However, be careful about stealing them if they are stored in the open or are accessible and in good working condition.

There are many different types of flappers, but we list the ones we use in our flapper review below. In a nutshell, a flapper is an accessory to the toilet seat or even the toilet seat itself.

Flappers are available in different lengths. They range from 2 mm to 18 mm in length. You’ll find the standard “flapper” being 4 mm to 4.5 mm. For some people, the 3 mm flapper is the minimum length. In any case, it’s always been easiest to buy the cheapest size on the shelf.

The Flap

A flapper is actually a plastic bag filled with compressed air.

This reduces weight and makes it easier to grab on the seat and use it. (You will see many plastic bags on the floor.) Most flappers are only about 4 cm long.

We use 6 mm (0.2″). That’s the smallest one that has a handle, which we think makes the best case for a male flapper. The bigger the size, the more work you need on your part.

The handle acts like a little hinge for the bag and can be pushed either side of the hole that the flapper sits against; you can easily move the bag either out of the way or over the hole. (More on that below.)

Flapper Uses
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While most people use little ones as toilet seats sometimes, there are occasions where a

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