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Who was the fastest to the finish? Who is the sexiest woman on earth? The answers to these questions and many more lie inside this game that gives players the chance to win, as they compete for their prize of a lifetime.

How this game was made

“The flapper” game was created by Dan Poynter, while he was writing a book. The “The fast, the flapper” game was made by Dan Poynter.

The Game – The Rules and Scoring

The rules of the game are as follows: The player must first place the two most-important flappers from his team in the corners of the field of play.

The first player to get three points at that place is declared “The Flapper”.

Then, the runner-up must get three points. If no one gets three points, no one is a “Flapper”.

The points are:


First place 3 points Second place 2 points Third place 1 point.

The winner gets a trophy from the winner of the game.

The Flapper – The Flapper is the player with the most Points in the game, so he will be the winner.

The Runner-Up – The runner-up, if any, is the first one in the last line in the game. The winner gets a trophy.

The Flapper’s Trophy – The player who does not get three points in this game must return the trophy to the “factory” after his own “flapper” has achieved three points.

As you can see, there are many reasons why the top players in each class get their trophies.

Players’ Flap Time Test

Players can test their flapping speed by using these five flapper test. This gives the player how to measure and record his (factory’s) flapping speed.

“Finger-nap speed” is simply the time required to go from the starting point to the final line, and the “Touchdown score” is the sum of the Touchdown scores in each category.

The Flappers

As shown in the chart below, there are 3 classes of flappers. The first group is the “C” flappers.

The “B” and “B” Flappers are the fastest flappers in that class, with their starting times being just 4.1 and 4.2 seconds fast. The “W

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