Who was the most famous flapper of the 1920s? – Buy Vintage Costumes

If you’re looking for some inspiration, the answer to your question is, of course, Julia Child! She is the face of the fashions she introduced and the inspiration for many fashion trends. The first fashion designer to be called the “The Flapper of Love,” she was the first to introduce the flapper dress. There are several photographs of her in the 1920s. For some perspective on the early flapper look, check out the following YouTube video by Vogue Magazine:

In addition to her looks, Child was known for her sense of style. Here are some of her other iconic looks:

What’s your favorite style that Julia Child influenced you with? I think the 1920s, flapper and sirloin loafers were an easy sell. I loved the lace-up shoes. I was a sashay lover in the early 1920s. I loved the strappy pants and the sash. As for her fashion, I remember how fun it was for a kid to buy her clothes. I always liked to see what she looked like and what was in the closet!

Do you have any favorite stories about Julia Child? I have a few.

One has to do with a trip she took with her husband Eddy Child and their dog, Barney. Barney was going crazy and was eating everything her husband prepared for him. I heard about Julia trying to eat the dog in the back of her mind… but didn’t like the idea of her eating the dog. Instead, she made a dish from the dog. It was a dish called a “pork chop”. It was very tasty!

I had to watch the movie “The Lady Eve” with Elizabeth Taylor, as I had the chance to speak to her about a few things (such as the movie “American Pastoral”). Elizabeth Taylor told me the story of how she met Julia and how it went wrong for Julia. Elizabeth Taylor said that while she was in her twenties, she was in England for a vacation and was going to meet her husband Eddy. Her husband had just had his last surgery. While on vacation he told her that if Eddy had cancer he might have to give up life, if it came to that. Eddy couldn’t do that because he had a great reputation and he believed in a kind family. He was the “tough one,” so to speak. (It’s a great story, and as a child at heart, I loved it…)

That was the end of her

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