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She must have been one of our most popular divas. And that must be why she was famous in the first place!
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Her name was Elizabeth B.

Elizabeth B. was born in New York City in the 1920’s. Her father was William B. Burdette, Jr., an immigrant from Poland. In her youth, Elizabeth was a successful flapper, who was a former member of the American Folk Dance League and member of the National Women’s College Singing Association.

She was also a well-known beauty and celebrity during this time period. She had many looks for the time. It was also through her appearance, and her singing, that Elizabeth achieved a great deal of popularity in America.

Her first marriage was to John A. Lohse. Elizabeth later married Harold Lohse, also of Polish descent. Elizabeth met her husband when she was sixteen years old. She married him after many years apart. Harold had immigrated from Germany to San Francisco.

Their daughter was born in the early 1920’s. After getting married, Elizabeth was very active for women’s rights. She helped raise money for the American Federation of Women. She also began a campaign for suffrage.

Elizabeth had many admirers in San Francisco in the 1920’s. For an example please take a look at her name being “Elizabeth Burdette” on the list of “most famous Californian” which shows the number of women known to have been known as Elizabeth B.

Her second marriage was to Charles W. Ruppel, who also had a Polish background. He had started a music business.

But that was to be but a side-story.

In the 1930’s Elizabeth B. Ruppel started an organization for women’s rights in her hometown, Philadelphia. At the suggestion of John N. Johnson, she moved to Chicago, Illinois. There she met Robert N. Noll, a businessman. Noll and Elizabeth fell in love during her stay in Chicago. But she had several affairs before her marriage to Noll. After meeting him, Elizabeth went with him to San Francisco.

The marriage failed, but Elizabeth became a woman of great personal success in the late 1930’s. She was very public and well known. The two were married in 1936.

Elizabeth’s first husband disappeared from the picture in the 1950’s and she married someone else in the 1960’s, who eventually left her. And then she fell in love with her cousin’s husband

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