Who was the most famous flapper of the 1920s? – Flapper Dress With Sleeves

Perhaps it was, after all, a woman.

On Friday, the day after the election, a woman named Frances Friel appeared in a photograph wearing a striped shirt and skirt that she had borrowed from a friend, who was not herself present in the photograph.[7][8]

A photo of Frances Friel on her “borrowed” dress [ edit ]

In the 1920s, a fashion that was popular across the nation, flappers were known for wearing costumes made out of fabric woven around buttons. Friel used the button motif in her outfit, which was borrowed from a friend, and she used a similar costume, this time made out of her own fabric, to appear in an ad. It was not until many years later that she learned that she had been mistakenly photographed wearing a button dress, in which her name was not on the fabric.[9]

However, she was not the first woman in the 1920s to adopt this pattern to be photographed wearing a striped shirt that she borrowed from a friend.[10] Women such as Alice Ross, Grace Lewis, and Elizabeth Taylor all used similar outfits to be photographed by celebrities,[11][12][13] and they were all successful.

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