Why are the 1920s called the Roaring Twenties? – 1920’S Flapper Dress Patterns

This is one of those mysteries where the answer can be found in a single word – “Vixen”.

The 1920s were a boom time for women’s fashion, and, of course, Vixens were hot. Vixens and Roaring Twenties? What more do you need?

Well, firstly, Vixens have been around since the Middle Ages – for centuries we’ve pictured Vixens as the hot wives of their dashing heroines, in which case the Roaring Twenties would be the period before the Great Depression.

But there’s more. You could argue that Vixens were at the height of their popularity until 1939 – and by then, we had a women’s suffrage party for Britain.

Nowadays, more and more people are celebrating the Roaring Twenties as the first time women have had a vote – you see, women would be voting on the issue of whether they would vote yes or no at the end of the war by voting, you see, in the men-only election.

So, what was the Roaring Twenties like?

According to the British National Museum, they were a decade of turmoil:

Vixens were at the height of their popularity till 1939

1939 was a turbulent decade

The Great Depression set in and women were told ‘if you are not with us you are with the devil’

Women were told, in the words of the MP Margaret Thatcher, not to ‘exhibit their feminine side’.

You also can read some fascinating accounts of Vixens as women in the 1920s online – the best one I’ve found involves a writer (sorry, I can’t be bothered to link them because it’s so long!)

The whole idea is still fascinating as we get further back in time, though.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The fashion of Vixens in the 1920s

The 1920s were a decade that made a big impression on British politics.

Margaret Thatcher in particular became a member of Parliament from the Conservative Party in the late 1920s.

And during her decade as an MP, she was a champion of women’s rights and, as so often happened, was the first person appointed to a cabinet of women.

But one thing that stood out most from the era was Britain’s relationship with France.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption It’s been said

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